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Your good thoughts in good English.

I’ve helped dozens of customers with their dissertations, theses, articles for professional journals, and business and personal correspondence.

        If you’re not satisfied, you pay nothing.


·        Proofreading: Correcting only errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation

·        Content: Eliminating awkward phrases, checking logic of argument and structure of paper

·        Formatting: Ensuring conformity to requirements (APA, CMS, Turabian); also table of contents, indexing

·        Budget editing: The best possible service for whatever amount you want to pay

How it works

After you send me your paper, I will edit a representative sample (up to 25% or 10 pages) and send it back to you, telling you

·        what the charge would be for that sample

·        when I can get the finished product back to you

·        the maximum final charge

If you are satisfied, you can tell me to continue working, and that will constitute a commitment on your part to pay for the finished product and a commitment on my part to return the finished product at or before the time I agreed to. The total charge will be no more than the estimated amount. If you like the final result, you pay; if you don’t like it, you don’t pay (for longer papers, see Payment). Either way, you keep the finished product.

If you don’t want me to continue working, there will be no charge for the sample work.


I prefer to return work first and then receive payment from satisfied customers. However, no one is perfect: I can’t please everyone, and not everyone is honest. For longer papers, therefore, I will submit sections of a chapter or so at a time and require payment for the work I’ve done before continuing.

You may pay by PayPal or personal check.

Earn up to $50 of free editing!

You can earn up to $50 of free editing by recommending me to a friend. For every $2 they pay me, I’ll give you $1 off future editing charges up to $50. So if your friend pays for $100 dollars of editing, you’ll get $50 of editing free.

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